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A Scream! Somewhere In The Nebula

You find yourself in a desert

under a sheet of sky so white and dry that you cling to the sand for comfort and          texture.


Only a moment ago you were there,

in front of a familiar crowd.


In the middle of a sentence –

you bit the tip of your finger to make sure it was real.

You told them you liked standing in the wind to feel where your body

starts   and     ends.


And then suddenly you forgot what you saying, how to speak. Under the spell of the explosion in your mind you began to weep.


You dried your eyes,

salty moisture you miss now,

under the desert’s eternal sun.


There is no use avoiding it: you will spend the next few years of your life alone in a desolate place, desperately searching for answers in cacti and memories,


and warmth in the sand at night.

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